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Services we Provide

Here is a small list of the services The Perfect Fit offer their existing & potentail customers, if your looking for something which is not on the list just give us a quick call or drop us an email & we will always do our utmost to help you.

We offer the following services:

General Domestic Carpet & Lino Fitting!

After we recieve your call or email "The Perfect Fit" will arrange a sutiable appointment to call out to your home for FREE! We can also supply you with various FREE samples for you to browse through if required.

We would then measure all the room/s to be covered, advise you of the total cost for any materials & labour. If your happy at this point for us to proceed with your job, we will then give you a fitting date & time to suit you.

Payment for labour will only become payable on compleation of you job, however for specail non- returnable materials you may be asked for a security deposit this will be explained to you at your home visit along with any questions or concerns you may have.

Commercial & Industial Fitting!

The basic setup for both general fiiting & comercail fitting are generaly the same. The main differance is usually in the type of products we use.

Generaly speaking both commercail & industial applications will usually require more hard wearing products to stand up to various degrees of traffic & differant health & safety aspects as required by the individual customer.

We would still provide you with a FREE quote & provide you with any FREE samples you may require. We would still offer you use of our pick up & drop off service for witch there may be a small fee, but on a whole most things are the same just as if you were having a carpet fitted in you home. The main concern with working in these type of enviroments is health & safety in saying that you can rest assured that our employess have worked simmilar places many times dealing with the public for years & we have never experianced any problems.

The Perfect Fit will also fit your flooring out of your regular business hours to help prevent any loss of earnings or valuble man hours this has proved to be a popular service with our commercail based customers.

Products We Supply!

The Perfect Fit have a vast & very wide range of products all at your disposal. Turn around time from ordering various products can vary especilally if comming directly from the manufacture, you will be advised immediately if we think this could cause any problem. Below is a small list of the various products we ussually have straight to hand, but is by no means the extent of the products we have to offer.

We also supply:

We offer the high quality, top grade fitting service you require at an affordable price any savings or discounts The Perfect Fit are offered are always passed directly to the customer.

General Rates & Prices

As you would expect from job to job prices do vary, this is why we would always prefer to see your job before we give you a price for our fitting service. This will not only give you a more accurate or excat price & allow us to get your exact specifications but this service won't cost you a single penny.

If however you require a general price per m2 then please feel free to give us a quick call. It's easy, It's fast & you'll be speaking to one of our guy's directly. “The Perfect Fit are always looking for ways to improve our service & are continually increaseing our product range so you always have the best choice right from the start!”

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